TissueFab® bioink-facile curable GelHA

Ready-to-print facile curable bioinks can crosslink without requiring light exposure, which may harm cell health.

These bioinks are Gelatin-based, utilizing a natural protein known for its excellent cytocompatibility and incorporation of cell-binding motifs to replicate the native extracellular microenvironment (ECM).

Crosslinking of the bioink occurs in a dilute solution of multivalent cations, including TissueFab®-a crosslinking solution identified by Cat#919926. TissueFab®-Facile curable HA bioink also incorporates hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural polysaccharide present widely in the body and cellular ECM. Cells can recognize HA through surface receptors such as CD44 and RHAMM and degrade it via the secretion of hyaluronidase.

Low bioburden: Every batch is assessed for endotoxins and total bioburden (aerobic and fungal) to keep the number of harmful organisms in check. This helps minimize undesired interactions and ensures low bioburden, referring to contaminants in a specified material.


Source: Merck

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Quality Level 100
Sterility 0.2 μm filtered
Form Viscous liquid ((or gel))
Impurities <5 CFU/g Bioburden (Total Aerobic)
<5 CFU/g Bioburden (fungal)
<50 EU/mL Endotoxin
Color Colorless to pale yellow
pH 6.5-7.5
Viscosity 5-35 cP(37 °C)
Application(s) 3D bioprinting
Storage temp. 2-8 °C